Ingeniería Comercial USM


USM inaugurated its MBA program in 2000, a program of excellence backed by USM’s prestigious trajectory as an institution of higher education of international caliber, an outstanding faculty, an integrated vision of business and science, and a curriculum with the requisite flexibility to respond to students’ needs. The MBA program provides formation in the areas of Entrepreneurship and Management, to equip students to become leaders in business development and administration, responding to the market’s needs with consistently high standards.

MSC in Water Management

The Master’s Program in Water Resource Management, trains students in direction, planning and business administration of hydrological resources, to contribute to the development and improvement of organizations and companies working in the field of water management. The program approaches water management from both a theoretical and applied interdisciplinary perspective.

Diploma in Entrepreneurship and Business Management

The diploma program equips students with the latest developments in knowledge and instruments in the fields of Entrepreneurship, Business Innovation and Business Management. It has a practical focus supported by creative tools for successfully developing new business ventures, managing startups and dynamic business strategies. Students will be enabled to discover the management tools that inject impetus into and generate value for their organizations’ innovative projects.

Business Sustainability Management Program

The Business Sustainability Management Program enables students to acquire the necessary skill set to strategically manage sustainability projects, Sustainable Business and Consumption and/or the Circular Economy, to promote economic growth and competitiveness, environmental care and social welfare through the sustainability perspective.

Training Courses for Securities Market Accreditation

The Department of Commercial Engineering of Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María is now offering students and financial industry professionals training programs on how to work with the new General Regulation No. 412 (Norma de Carácter General N°. 412, or NCG) for Stock Market Accreditation.

Commercial Engineering, Evening Classes – ICV

This program is designed for students who have completed an undergraduate degree, are currently employed but want to expand their academic horizons and career opportunities. It   offers class schedules that will be compatible with students’ working hours and the same high academic standards of the daytime commercial engineering program of Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María, accredited in 2017 by the National Accreditation Commission of Chile, effective until 2024.