Ingeniería Comercial USM


Bernardo Pincheira S.

Commercial Engineering

Reseña del titulado

The first time I was in [the University of] Nottingham was in September 2013 to do a Master’s in Economics. I returned in September 2015 when the economics doctoral program started that I’m currently finishing. My primary motivation for earning a doctorate was the interest I developed in an academic career after working for five years as a teaching assistant in USM, mainly in economics. Thanks to a scholarship from Becas Chile a great alternative for postgraduate studies abroad opened up for me and Nottingham’s School of Economics is one of the best in the U.K.

I have great memories of my undergraduate years, especially of the professors who were “merciless” and made me work really hard. But in part thanks to them that I developed the discipline that is helping me now to be close to finishing my doctorate. I also made lasting friendships that are still with me today. I also want to emphasize the rigorous training, especially in mathematics and quantitative methods, because they’ve been extremely useful to me to advance in my postgraduate studies, even in subjects like programming that at the time I didn’t think I’d use, but that have been a great help, even today.

No question, the idea of studying abroad seems like a really difficult challenge, and yet there are lots of opportunities, and here in Nottingham I’ve met lots of Santa María alumni who’ve come over to do their master’s or PhD, former students of commercial engineering and other majors. My message to future students is to do the research and go for it—it’s much more feasible than you think.