Ingeniería Comercial USM


Cristian Gallardo L.

Commercial Engineer
Regional Manager for Latin America, AVAST

Reseña del titulado

I’ve lived in the Czech Republic for seven years, and I were to say why I came here, I’d say it was mainly to learn about new cultures, experience something different, but always connected to entrepreneurship, trying out different projects. At present and for over three years already I’ve been working for AVAST, a global IT security company that provides a whole range of products, from antivirus software to IT security systems for major corporations. In AVAST I’m the Regional Manager for Latin America, which means, among other things, working in the areas of E-commerce and Marketing.

Since becoming an exchange student during my undergraduate studies I began to feel motivated to explore and learn about different cultures. My work team is made up of individuals from different countries and over here you can really experience multicultural life.

Unquestionably, I apply everything I learned as an undergraduate in Santa María to my work everyday. I find that the University’s approach to the degree program is fantastic because you acquire technical know-how and training in hard engineering, as well as soft skills such as marketing and economics, for example, so you’re equipped with a pool of options that gives you confidence when you want to start a business in a country that isn’t your own, with all of the challenges it implies. That’s when you realize, for example, that you aren’t afraid of working in the finance area, because you’re perfectly able to do it. However, it’s very important to be fluent in English, and even though the study program includes an English course I had to study it a lot to be able to enter the job market in the Czech Republic.

I absolutely recommend to students that they get into an exchange program, because you acquire social skills and along with this you have to learn to deal with and understand that other people have different opinions from your own. You also become more open to listening, because you’re learning new things by stepping out of your comfort zone.