Ingeniería Comercial USM


Felipe Perry C.

Commercial Engineer
Global Projects & Operations Manager, Telefónica

Reseña del titulado

I’ve only recently arrived in Spain, last November 2018, and my main motivation for the trip was a family project to live for awhile outside Chile to have the experience of studying and working abroad, and at the same time travel and get to know new places, in this case in Europe. Though it’s only been two months, I’ve already seen what a tremendous learning experience it is to work in another country, especially for such a multicultural company like Telefónica.

Right now I’m exercising my profession as a commercial engineer and I have to say that my entrepreneurial experience also allowed me to perform well in my prior position as Head of Portfolio Investments. In my current capacity as Manager of Global Projects and Operations, the second degree that I’m working toward right now in Santa María, in Industrial Civil Engineering, is also extremely useful. I’ve developed these two positions in Telefónica’s Open Innovation area, first in Chile and now in the global team based in Madrid. Through Open Innovation, Telefónica invests in startups and has different initiatives to support their growth, and at the same time, generate joint businesses that raise the efficiency of Telefónica’s operations or that bring new products to its customers.

In retrospect, my years as an undergraduate at USM were very…intense, but fruitful as well. I acquired a lot of knowledge, I got to meet amazing people and make great friends. I also discovered the sport that I passionately love today, that has taught me so many values—many of them extremely important for the world of work—rugby.

The commercial engineering program of Universidad Santa Maria has a lot of engineering DNA, therefore Sansano DNA. This makes it a degree program that gives you excellent preparation, not just for the entrepreneurial world, and for talking about the economy, but also to gain a broader vision and a better toolkit for tackling challenges or for problem solving. Although the term “commercial engineering” isn’t well understood outside Chile, the skills we develop and the know-how we acquire equip us perfectly so we can grow professionally and perform out in the world. Here what’s always most important is the ability to adapt to change and to work well in international teams—perhaps the “soft skills”—but above all, the ATTITUDE, giving no importance to the obstacles, but just keep growing, learning and searching to get to where your dreams may lead you.